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This Country Was Made by Ammo

The very first cannon was developed in medieval China to make use of that powerful new invention, gunpowder. Smaller artillery followed soon after, and ammunition officially cemented its place in history. By the birth of the United States of America, munitions had been dominating warfare for close to 500 years.


The first official shots of the Revolutionary War were, in fact, fired over the ammunition and rebel supplies stockpiled in colonial Concord, at risk of being seized by the British Army.  The ‘shot heard round the world’, which set off the battle at Lexington, culminated in the Battles of Lexinton and Concord and marked the beginning of America’s fight for freedom. This country was made by ammo.


A Toast to Sophisticated Taste

Ammunition represents more than just armaments. The fortitude of a well-made bullet is a reminder of the loyalty and strength of character required to preserve liberty. As a sophisticated gentleman, you don’t take for granted what it takes to maintain those values.


MadeByAmmo crafts high-caliber drinking gear in the U.S.A. utilizing premium materials and forming them with tactical inspiration.  All pieces are guaranteed to last forever. 


Built in small batches and subject to slight variation in finish. Dishwasher safe. Guaranteed for life.



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